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Domain Registration

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1. How to Choose the Domain Name?
              your domain name is the key element of your website.

2.Why is your domain name so important?
              Your URL is the first thing your visitors will see. A good domain name can make a positive. It affects SEO Exact match domain and keywords in your domain name can still help your SEO ranking. your domain name is a Branding opportunity.

3.Types of Domain name Extensions?
               Domain Name Extensions for different categorize.
.com (Common), .in (India), .net (Network), .org (organization), etc…

4.It’s Brandable over generic?
               A brandable domain name is unique and stands out from the competition, while a generic domain name is usually stuffed with keywords and unmemorable.

5. Find more than a Brandable domain name?
             You can Build up your own catchy, new words. Use domain name generators. These tools can help you create a unique, use Existing words that fit your Brands.

6. How to Easy pronounce the domain name?
             This makes it easier for visitors to share your domain name by word-of-mouth and makes it easier for you to share your site with friends and potential customers. You can test this the same way as with the “spelling”.

7.How to Register a Domain Name?
             Get first start to choose a good domain name. the domain name that has to be unique. After your Register the Domain name.

8. How to Register a  Domain Name for Options?
                   4.Bluehost Web hosting

9. Why a Good Domain Name is predominantly?
             A domain name is your individual identified in your websites
                   1.Improves recognition and awareness.
                   2.Extra credibility to your venture.
                   3.Eventually boosts visitors’ recall


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