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Steps Taken place for E-commerce website development


  • Content management capabilities
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • An easy-to-use checkout
  • Search engine optimized code and layout
  • Reporting tools and custom report features
  • An integrated blog or articles section
  • Email marketing features or integration
  • Multiple payment options (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.)
  • The ability to scale and add new features


  • Top-level domain with HTTPS
  • Business logo
  •  User-friendly navigation
  • Wishlist
  • Customer login
  • Store finder
  •  Language options
  • Shopping cart
  • Search bar
  •  Phone number
  • Highlighted UVP
  •  Risk reducers
  •  Loyalty program
  • CTA to push people to product collections and important sales pages
  • Featured products or Best selling products or New arrivals
  •  Personalized items
  •  Text content
  • FAQ, returns and exchanges, store locator, shipping information, order tracking, etc.
  •  Contact us
  •  Newsletter signup
  •  Payment system icons
  • Social Media links
  •  Link to about pages
  • Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Sitemap
  •  Live Chat
  •  Consistent image size
  •  Breadcrumb navigation
  •  Show the number of products displaying on the page
  •  Product filtering and sorting
  • Page description field
  •  Product title
  •  Good quality of images with zoom-in functionality
  • Pricing information with potential sales or discounts
  • A field to change purchase quantities
  • Product variables (if necessary)
  •  Add to cart button
  • Trust signal around “Add to Cart” button
  • Add to Wish List and Compare button on each product page
  • Social share buttons for each eCommerce product
  • Product description
  • Consumer reviews on products
  • Related products
    Customer Checkout, Shopping Cart, and Wishlist
  •  Accept all payment methods
  •  Cart details
  •  Final price
  •  Shipping method (offer low shipping cost)
  •  The billing address and shipping address
  •  Security seals
  •  Include an area to punch in promo codes
  •  Have an option to change the quantity or remove items
  • Allow items to be saved for later
  • Sidebar: blog search, categories, popular posts
  •  Social share buttons
  •  Dashboard/reporting tools
  • Administrator management
  • Customer management
  • Store management
  • Content management
  •  Order and shipping management
  • Payment, taxes, and location management
  • SEO management
  • Email marketing integration
  •  Discount and promotion management
  • Root file upload
  •  Tracking code integration
  •  Responsive design
  •  Browser compatibility
  • Fast loading
  •  For digital downloads, explain how they receive products
  • Multilevel security
  • Automatic site backup
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Ecommerce Web Design Tariff - Pricing

The amount may vary depending on some factors

  • The Features using on your website
  • User Interface Designs
  • Total number of products to upload
  • the type of product, whether static or dynamic product
  • Maintenance Charges
  • Coding platform used
  • Framework Used
  • For a basic eCommerce website, it costs 7000 Rs only
  • Charges will be applied for features such as Payment Gateway, SEO Etc.



E commerce

Even today after the internet revolution, e-commerce looks effective and essential in business management. It helps in sharing information, maintaining business relationships and transactions using the internet and it is also used for buying and selling goods over the internet. eCommerce has revolutionized the approach companies are doing business. eCommerce is a very big advantage for businesses and customers. eCommerce website development is the very highly preferred option for businesses to have a huge customer base. Sales queen software solution offers you an enhanced and professional eCommerce web design, plug-in, and development solutions. Sales queen software solution is one of the well-established web development companies. A well-experienced and appropriately designed eCommerce website indeed builds your brand and fetches you a huge number of happy customers. Our team provides you a design that is not only eye-catchy but also functional and supportive to both search engines and visitors. There are many shopping website development companies in Chennai but our web designing team stands apart by generating huge traffic.

Features of eCommerce web Development:

Sales queen software solution will help you with easy accessible of amenities, clear details about the products, easy navigation and also other important information what customers searching for. Our team provides various ideas to design your website.

  • Banking and financing
  • Media and entertainment
  • Health care
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Retail
  • Education and Learning

Targets Reach Your Customer:

Graphic design:
To invite viewers and to lead higher conversation, our web designing team make your site look appealing with beautiful design with catalogs for your products and services.

Strategy of digital marketing:
We implement your market strategy with website development which help you to achieve your goal of high sales.

SEO Expertise:
Helps you make your strong presence in google search engine.

Pay per check (PPA) helps to bring right traffic to your site.

Content Development;
We help you to get you the right word and expressions to reach better audience.


Maintenance & support
Site Maintenance
Ecommerce cart development
Ecommerce application development- Mobile commerce
Tracking order status and managing the whole inventory
Shipping & Payment Gateway configuration
Custom ecommerce website design
Tracking order status and managing the whole inventory
Plug-in & module integration
Responsive shopping website
Payment gateway integration
Web development & customization

Why to choose us:

User Experience and Interface
Making your customer comfortable with user friendly features and tools are prerequisite of any ecommerce site. easy to use features like search option, easy checkouts, wish listing, adding cart and many other facilities are included for pleasent shopping experience.

Assured Quality:
We have a well skilled employees and the best works are got from them and delivered to our clients according to their satisfaction. Having a contented clients is a vision of any business. it is delight to have a huge client bases for the quality of our service.

We offer effective and essential web development within your defined budget and we also provide offers varied to choose for your website. We delighting the clients with on time fulfilment their demands, at a reasonable price is what we strive for.

Support to clients:
we provide clear and honest answers to the clients. we ensure prompt support to our clients which made them trust us better compared to others. weather the client used to contact us through phone, or email, the goal is to respond them as fast as possible, not more than 2 to 3 hours. We are conscious about the hazels that the clients come across on taking over the full control of the site, so we use to give them our assisting hands for the successful and smooth running of their business.

Benefits of eCommerce Web Development service:

Easy to manage online store:
You can manage everything by your own from, pricing, images, content, videos to product, inventory, content, marketing and more with user friendly CMS that we deliver with every eCommerce store.

Payments online via secure payment gateway:
Customers can make payment in any way according to their comfort such as Netbanking without any hassle, credit cards and debit cards. payment in any service provided like PAYU, PAYPAL, CC Avenue, etc.

Simplify the user experience:
It is easier to navigate, place orders and do transactions on the eCommerce site leads to more number of customers.

Customized Ecommerce theme of your choice:
Main attraction of the website is all about the look. we provide attractive ecommerce templates specifically designed for your business or you may choose from premium templates as per requirements.

To have a unique appearance:
Site should be unique, it should not look like most other ecommerce sites. custom web design will make it unique and get noticed.

Enhanced capacity:
It is possible to increase the capacity of the eCommerce site to handle multiple transactions as the business grows. This will result in increased revenue and profits.

Ecommerce Web Application Coding Platform Used

Advantages of Using ecommerce website development with us

  1. Make your own e-commerce startup on a low budget
  2. Enjoy adding 50 plus free products
  3. Advanced options like amazon clone eCommerce development
  4. Mobile-friendly applications
  5. Free Google ads creation to grow your business
  6. User-friendly options like google sign in available
  7. Free product tracking enabled
  8. Free android mobile application is set up and ready to download from play store
  9. Advanced UI designs as per the requirements of the user
  10. Advanced security features
  11. PHP coded, Laravel and React, CMS eCommerce web and mobile applications can be created
  12. Single vendor and Multivendor e-commerce applications can be created
  13. Free training is given to the user to maintain or update the application
  14. Free maintenance for 1 month
  15. Free SSL Certificate Installed
  16. Free Hosting for 1 Year
  17. 5 Professional email accounts available with this pack
  18. Free Domain and Cloudflare Certificate installed
  19. Fort startup companies and Big booms an idea about Search engine optimization about service will be given.

How to develop an eCommerce Web site?

ecommerce website - server related

No! If you choosed premium plan for an ecommerce website, Hosting, Domain*, SSL is free for one year

Yes we provide one free email id, extra email account charges 200/mail. This depends if you choose our hosting plan

Your hosting and domain pack will be terminated after 2 months from the date of expiry. If will be automatically blocked the 1st day of expiry.

It depends on plan. Any extra space will be provided if needed. Your normal hosting plan will withstand 500+ products without any lag.

Yes! we provide continuous support for your ecommerce website , But any malpractice that happened after we uploaded it to your server means, it will be charged as per. Whereas any problems occurred in the Salesqueen server means (Eg. hacking, Server drop) we will clear it free of cost.

5 GB storage place with 1 GB ram can hold up to 1000 products, Note: you have to buy SSL for antivirus free professional site.

To run a professional online store you need Hosting, Domain, SSL, with atlease one email id. For this you need atlease ₹3000/ Year

Yes you can! Most of the ecommerce website  service providers provide support to connect hosting and domain. Else you can connect hosting nameserver with DNS of domain. It will take 4 hours to activate

Yes! and the price depend on the size of your website. Basic charge from ₹999 / Year

ecommerce website Products Releated

it depends on the need. More product grab more customers to the site. This ecommerce website can hold more than 500 products.

After completing store, we will teach the procedure to upload products to the website using admin panel.

Yes, you can. Same steps follows as product uploading

The complete orders can be downloaded via excel sheet. Filters like date, status can also be applied.

Yes we can make search engine optimization for your complete ecommerce site, not in this pack.

ecommerce website Registrations

Google my business is a local business listing website, developed by google. It give high traffic to your site, when maintained regularly.

Yes we will register your company free of cost in premium pack.

Yes you can. MSME certificate is more than enough to apply for GST in India

Salesqueen offers flexible packs in ecommerce and all digital related problem. The price range of salesqueen is low when compared to other digital marketing agencies in Chennai, So salesqueen is one of the best ecommerce website development company in Chennai.

Yes! we keep on updating your website and you for the current technology used in market, and work to increase the security and UI design of your site.

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