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Looking for the best web design and development company in Chennai? you have landed at the correct place. Salesqueen software solutions now offer quality design features on an average budget from small scale industries to MNC with perfect user interface

Our expert team will come up with advanced UI designs for your company, beautiful design is finalized after various previous and corrections and development process takes place

Top web designers from our company will reach you digitally and physically to get your thoughts about your dream site. Everyone has some designs that their web designers follow, we grasp your imagination as much as possible and come out with the best-satisfied model of the website. 

Since we follow progressive development, there is no way to change the track of designs, none of the website design should be of our designs that overrides the customer’s dream, on reaching every milestone we will report the website design features to the clients. Once after getting the approval from the client, we proceed to the next step

Steps Taken place for website development

  • Information Gathering: 
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Content Writing and Assembly
  • Coding
  • Testing, Review, and Launch
  • Maintenance
  • Attractive Domain name related to your company profile
  • Company Name registration in the government of India
  • Search Bar among various products and services
  • Creative Logo with multiple meaning
  • Description users knew more meaning
  • Good looking Navigation Bar people like this
  • CTAs marketer wants its audience or reader to take.
  • Looks good for Images on our website.
  • Internal Links get Users to stay on your page longer
  • Testimonials More Reviews And ratings customer Highlight Comments Happy Users.
  • Foremost Live Chat For user Friendly and take the customer.
  • Subscriber Opt-in Our Website visitors easy Contact In a phone or email.
  • Our website Every page Tabs and Options pertinent User very easy Contact.
  • Delightful And Interesting People like this Social Media Icons using.
  • Map Your Business users to your office locations very easy join.
  • Business Timings (09:00 am to 06:00 pm).
  • Contact Info Support for Customer and User.
  • Contact Form Customer and User Join Easily.
  • Our site pages Attractive Media (video, audio) Files.
  • Our Website Features Page Day to Day Updated.
  • Development Functionality Features day to day update Our Website.
  • Our website visitors Case Studies Certified leads.
  • Attractive Our website Blog pages.
  • Blog Search Function as keywords matching visitors locate content.
  • Author Pages our site Blog, post Pages mention the Creator.
  • People Conversation Comments using and Helpful for Our website.
  • Visitors are interested in your blog page Blog Internal Links, most helpful.
  • Customer More know Knowledge Base or FAQ.
  • Questions and Answers Most useful to our website using people.
  • Our Company Secured Handling a Documents and Guides.
  • Infographics Logo Designs, Poster designs, etc.. are Looks Good.
  • Most developers using CMS Tool very easy to access.
  • Keyword Using SEO/Optimization Tool Most Users using the keyword on a search engine Analysis.
  • Site Analytics Tools Your Website Position Analysis.
  • Our Website Hosting Provider the Package Differently varied for customers.
  • Content Descriptions are looking good.

Steps to place an order in chennai web design company

We always looking forward to young minds with new innovative startup ideas, yes sales queen will help the startup companies by providing pro-free web hosting when compared to other web development companies in Chennai. Note: we never leak the new ideas that are designed by our clients. 

Below is the certain process for web design with sales queen:

Choose Website type: before reaching sales queen please select what type of website you need to develop. There are two types of websites: Static Websites and Dynamic Websites. A static website is purely coded with HTML with no database, When compared with a dynamic website static website design is less costly. A dynamic website will interact with the database actively, the values listed in the website are dynamically called from the database. Languages like PHP, Ajax are used as backend languages to create dynamic websites. 

What to Develop: whether you have new startup ideas to implement or need to showcase your company portfolio. Investing amount to create a website with new startup ideas is effective which helps you to make money online. If you want to create a basic portfolio website means you can create it using WordPress web development technology. WordPress helps you to manage and maintain your company website fastly without any coding knowledge. 

Choose Your Budget: Since we are creating the variable site and this is a service-based cost or budget price will be needed, our team of expert web designers in Chennai will give you the price estimation for Website Development cost and also to digital market your product or service. For cheap web development charges from 2999 Only.

Book Free Consultation: sales queen support team will call you at the correct time you have booked an appointment, For any queries, prices, and other needs based on website development, you will get real-time anywhere over zoom call with us. 

Pay Advance: As per the government of India rule, we will create every project into 2 to 3 milestones, At the end of every milestone, you need to pay the amount as we talked about earlier. 

Delivery: Salesqueen offers 8 hours delivery, on-spot delivery for web development. 

Completion of project: once the project is completed with every milestone, we will change the ownership of the website to you. If any corrections or changes were available, we will clear them on spot.

Requirements for web designing

  • Basic requirement (before starting website)
  • Social media links – Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and other
  • Facebook – If you already have an account you can give the account details, if not we also help you create a new account. kindly submit a dummy email ID and password to create an account, and you will have to spend around 5 minutes to forward the OTP number to us.
  • Twitter – Twitter is also a common account, mostly used for official purposes, to create a Twitter account visit this link
  • Instagram – Instagram is the most popularly used social media from past 2 years, To create an Instagram account visit
  • Phone Number – National, as well as international phone numbers, are accepted. Two to three phone numbers are recommended. It is advised to give mobile number of two to three different persons.
  • Whatsapp Number If the same contact number is for what’s an app too there is no problem we can use the same if there is a separate number for what’s the app is recommended.
  • Messenger Link – If you are using messenger then that link is also to be mention on your site.
  • Service title – Service title is more important, so it should be clearly mentioned.
  • Competitor link– you can share your competitors link if needed
  • Company Proof – your company proof like identity proof, address proof, PAN card of the directors and shareholders, GST registration, rental agreement, so on.
  • Google My Business Links 
  • Website Colour: Primary & Secondary colors –
  • Website Template – send the template you have chosen for your website.
  • What type of design do you want – If you have already chosen the design for your website then that is required.
  • Previous website if any – if in case you already have a website also the website link should be mentioned
  • Map location – Exact map location should be mentioned, so it will be easy for the visitors to identify the location.
  • Branch details – Details of each and every branch should be mentioned so that the customer can contact the nearby branch for further details.
  • Head office details – office location
  • Clients details 
  • Testimonial details – Customer reviews will be very helpful for the visitors to get an idea about your website.
  • Pricing Details – Price details should be mentioned clearly, it will make the customer make choice accordingly.
  • Sliders – information to be shown in the slider.
  • Portfolios – photos of your previous works and services
  • Company History – History of the company, how many years your company working from, what are all the features of your company,
    The form needs – what are all the details required to mention in the form for registration.
  • Tax registration proof – your company’s previous tax registration documents if any.
  • Mail ID with password – your official mail id with a password, If not we can create a new mail Id and password.
  • Domain registered company – If you have already bought a domain, server details, else select your domain from go daddy.
  • Hosting if buyers – need server configuration details of hosting providers
  • Company Speciality – what your expertise in, when compared to your competitors.
  • Company Fame – your companies impression on your customer’s mind.
  • Experience – Mention How many years of experience do you have, how many customers you gained, the number of branches, and other important details about your site.
  • Maintenance Details – what type of warranty do you give to your customer.
  • Opening & Closing timing – the exact timing of open and closing of your company.
  • Store Visiting available or not –
  • Appointment Booking – details regarding booking an appointment “where and when”.
  • Company Logo original format – The image of your company logo should be original and without any break.
  • Collaborated company – if any collaborated company mention them.

In-depth Requirement (within 3 to 4 days ) -

  • About Us Content 500 words – Entire details about you, your working staffs and your company like, what are all the service you provide, how to contact and all the important details about your website.
  • Vision for Company 5 Points & Mission of Company 5 points –
  • Blog Content (1500 words) – Blog content about your company in about 1500 words is a must.
  • Service Content what kind of service you provide, how many team members you have, whether your service is inside Chennai or throughout India.
  • Gallery Photos – Clear and original images are required, at least 50 to 60 photos are a must.
  • Owner Details – personal details about the owners, name, Phone Number, E-mail id, what’s app number, etc…
  • Team Member Details – how many people work in your company, how experienced they are, their contact details in case of emergency.
  • FAQ Content FAQ questions, the questions raised by your customers, all their queries are to be mentioned in form of both questions and answers.
  • Any other extra details

Benefits of Website development

  • Social media Social media can be integrated into your website.
  • Lead generation – It can be specifically tailored for the leading generation.
  • Devices – New websites are responsive for tablet or mobile device
  • Focus – The website allows you to focus on things you love.
  • Review -website creates positive reviews for your website.
  • Address customers – You can address the customers, problems, and issues before they shoot up.
  • Product – This helps to bring products to market faster.
  • Growth trend – A website can track your sales and growth trend.
  • Cuts costs – Having an online business will cut costs for the tax, rent, and staff.
  • All-time accessible – Online business is available 24*7 for all 365 days a year.
  • Saves time – It saves time for you as well as the customer, you need not walk from warehouse to store and customers also can purchase online themselves.
  • Interact with the customer – Another important fact is you can interact with your customer whenever and from where ever you are.

It is not an easy task of finding the best web designing company in Chennai. Any type of web designing is done, even for the low-cost web designing also the Quality was never been compromised. It is mostly preferred by startups and we always look towards customers satisfaction. Sale queen web designing company make sure our customers, the business web site is only focused for the customer’s attraction. sales queen has been the most preferable web designing company in Chennai for all kinds of small business and start-up companies. Mostly today buying and selling are happening on google (website) is become an unavoidable medium nowadays.

Steps for a good web designing company:

Always keep your customers stick to the website by exploring the best product and services.
Use the best template for your website, normal template will not reach your customer.
Well, the optimized web page will help you in increasing the reach and result in increased sales.
Creating trust is the most challenging task we make possible with our customer’s value-added products and services.
To reach an audience, marketing and sales is a must it is done great only the top web designing company.
The landing page of the website is the best-converting page for the email campaign and campaign.
Should strategize your website with trendy customer-friendly features, it depends on the customer group and product or service support your remarketing strategy.
To make your name known on the web, design your business brand through top web designing companies, only they can deliver your valuable business content and make the audience know

There are many businesses not having a website, without knowing its benefit. even a big business needs a small website for their identity. there are many corporate companies still without an updated website trend.

Uses of a website:

For corporate companies to measure their uses in online marketing.
Helps the business to grow on the next level by using the latest technology.
Helps to explore your brand values.
Corporate Enterprises can measure their users in the online market.
Build your business from scratch to where you are growing now.
They known how to reach on the internet, to convert the reach into sales, they plan the online marketing strategy.


Loading Time:
Mostly google takes only the fast-loading website, so better decrease your website loading time for that you can improve your area of business marketing and experience. because visitor never waits for the site loading for more than 3 to 5 seconds.

Easy call:
The easy way of marketing is nowadays online, so it should be designed in the best way for people to identify the product or service. hence designing your website with an easy and perfect call to action is the key to getting across this.

Social Media:
Sharing your web page on social media makes you reach more audiences. So make your website active in all social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to Know their search behavior to adapt it to the market.

Responsive web design:
If you’re not planning for a mobile responsive website it would take you to a risky move. since mobility is becoming a standard when it comes to this advanced digital world.

Affordable web design:
There are many small businesses and start-up companies to start with their budget price, even for the low-cost web designing also the quality of the site will never be compromised.

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Price Estimation For Web Design in Chennai


3999 / Only
  • Free Hosting
  • Domain
  • SSL Certificates
  • Professional Emails
  • Payment Gateway
  • 3 Pages
  • Live Chat Free
  • Banner Slider Free
  • One Contact Form
  • Map Interface


13999 / Only
  • Free hosting
  • Free Domain
  • SSL Certificates
  • Five Professional Email
  • Free Payment Gateway
  • 10 Pages
  • Live Chat Free
  • Banner Slider Free
  • Four Contact Form
  • Map Interface

How to Choose Best Web Development Company ?

Website Design Based

Within one day. And it completely depends on the website. Customize website development takes time from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Yes, we have readymade templates for websites for free and premium users.

It start from 7$, differs with features and subscription(yearly /one time purchases 

Yes! we provide free billing software on purchasing websites with us.

You can create inquiries, invoices, quotations, make payments, track customers, make orders purchasing stock management, mailing, and a lot more. And we can customize our billing software as per your website. 

You can WhatsApp us, Our executive will reach you soon. Call +916380101098

No, You need not to pay  anything extra for your website design , except mentioned in quotation.

Website Development based

Front-End: Html, Css, Bootstrap, Javascript

Back-End: Php, Ajax

Database: My-Sql

CMS: WordPress

Basically website development price in Chennai Rs. 3999 (For India)

For PHP website in India Rs. 5999 only

Yes, you can edit your website as your wish. We give you an admin panel. Through that, you can add content and images yourself.

Yes simple steps only. Within 30 minutes, godaddy will update the DNS.

Yes. We can negotiate as for the customer need and requirement.

Yes we can, We will reverse engineer the demo website both UI and UX.

Salesqueen Software’s. Look at their brochures and previous works. Google reviews helps you to know more about the company.

Ping us in WhatsApp. We will send you the list of website we have created, based on category.

Secuirity & SEO

Your website is highly secured. We connect SSL Certificate to your site. Cloudflare is an another option to secure your site.

Our coding reduces common loops leaved by most of the developer. Hackers might face difficulties in cracking the site.

It takes 2 days to 1 week for google to crawl your website. After crawling your website will list in google search result.

Its based on priority and ranking. you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website to reach 1st.

Basic price starts at 8K, and depends on competitor analysis.

We have helped number of startup companies, and given solution with minimum amount. You can share your story with us. We maintain your idea secretly, 100% confidentiality.

Your web site will be faster if you have done in salesqueen software’s. Gmetrix is the tool tells you the site speed.